Thursday, December 11, 2008

Von Tone Deaf Singers!

This just almost made me cry and no it wasn't because of the singing. This rings SOO true to life. I couldn't help but share. Please pay special attention to the names at the end!


Anonymous said...

This is so funny! I grew up second oldest in a family with 6 kids so I can totally relate to this. I just amazed that she got all her kids to sing their parts on time! I wonder how long they practiced?


The Lane's said...

love it! That is great. . .Jill

Shannon said...

Well HELLO Jill! I didn't realize you read my ramblings. I just visited your blog. That's awesome now I can get to know your family better as well. YAY

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! That sounds exactly like what you've been telling me people say! How funny! That family did some practicing on that song!

And how about Graham & Annelise! Neat!